Monday, February 5, 2018


look at these photos I found! they are from last october, which was three months ago, and it's a batch of photos i never got around to posting. i think they were from a saturday morning that was a scheduled "home" morning (meaning i wasn't allowed to schedule anything else that day so we could enjoy being home together).  i peeked in on the girls playing happily and contentedly on their own, which always makes me so very happy because it feels like i am getting to witness a friendship blossoming between my two girls.

this particular morning, they were going on road trips in their "car" (the sofa), with Logan tucked in the back, as well as their special friends, and Sloane in the driver's seat. they were at this for almost an hour, driving to various places, getting out of the car, getting back in the car, driving to the next destination, etc.  sloane was the director and logan was such a happy and willing participant.

you guys! we made it out of january, and now we are hacking our way through february. i hit a wall this past weekend with the cold, where i felt like i could not live one more day in this weather, but here i am, living and surviving.  this past weekend was busy, but i got to spend some great time with our girls and i missed them terribly when i got to work this morning. i heard someone say that their dad told them his favorite moments in life where when his kids were little, and it made me feel emotional hearing that because i do think that to myself all the time - how we are living the best days of our lives right now with these precious little ones - and i know how fleeting all of this is.  even through the winter, i will remember this and work on savoring each of these days. 


  1. what a special little glimpse into their world

  2. I agree with being favorite moment of little children, but enjoy being friend with grown up children.