Wednesday, February 28, 2018


for the past few months, i have been trying to buy all my clothes strictly from thrift stores or second hand (yes even work clothes!) and have been finding a lot of great things.  i'm hoping to keep this up as much as possible, for the purposes of 1) budgeting, 2) minimizing general waste, 3) and minimizing my closet.  if i don't buy things second-hand, i want to try to make it things that i really love, that were produced ethically, and that i will cherish for years and year to come.  these things are usually more expensive (thus, the thrifting) but as i come across them, i'll share them here.

everlane is a brand i probably already talked about here because i love them! they partner with the best, ethical factories around the world and are super transparent about their costs. plus, their items are lovely and so well-made.  i have a plain white t-shirt from here that i love and the weekender bag that i have been using for years and love passionately.

all that to say! a couple of things have popped up on their website recently that i put on my wishlist for spring and summer. i love a low block heel, and those red ones up there are so fun and seem comfortable to wear around for any occasion .they have lots of other colors, i think a neutral or pink one would be a great one, but this red one caught my eye. it reminds me of what a simple red lip can do for the whole look.

i also am very intrigued about these kick crop jeans. they are high-wasted, make your legs look longer, and has some stretch. plus, these denims are made in the "world's cleanest denim factory" - a place that recycles 98% of their water, uses solar power, air dries their jeans, and then even transforms their sludge into bricks to build affordable homes. you can read about it more here, it's really interesting!

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