Thursday, November 2, 2017


Here are some photos of Narnia! I sort of wish I could post every photo of each family so that you could see all the amazing costumes, but that's almost 30 families and I think that would be overkill, so I've just posted most of the candids here. I wasn't able to take photos of all the activity stations, but we set up: a beaver dam with tiny furniture (pictured in my last post here), an archery station, scavenger hunt, dancing lawn (musical chairs), building Cair Paravel (boxes of various sizes spray painted to look like blocks to build a castle), freeze tag, and the Dawn Treader (pictured below) for free play. 

Isn't that door amazing? Greta or one of her siblings happened to have these doors that worked perfectly with this trellis to create the wardrobe.  We were actually planning on hanging fur coats on the top and sides of the trellis to really make it look like a wardrobe, but we nixed that idea with all the rain that day. 

Ah, the rain! A few days before the event, we saw that the forecast was calling for 100% rain and thunderstorms. It was tragic, I might have lost some sleep, and we all deliberated on rescheduling. But after much thought, we decided to go ahead with it and prayed heartily that we would be spared. It ended up raining the night before, and then started raining a few hours before the event started - so everything was damp and muddy - but almost everyone showed up anyways, and then the rain held out for the majority of the time! There were many things that we weren't able to do because of the rain, and we had to put tarps over everything, and the huge table for Aslan's feast that was supposed to be out on the lawn had to be moved to the front porch. We also didn't get to do the epic last battle that we had planned (sharks and minnows with good characters and evil characters) or the campfire because it started pouring towards the very end of the event, but it didn't seem to matter all that much! The mist and rain just added to the mood of Narnia and everyone - especially the kids - were just so happy to be together in Narnia. 

Reepicheep and Aslan 

The planning crew

Nyads and dryads!

This cake (made by Mignon) was amazing. 

I spy a little beaver in search for food. 

Queen of Underland

Every time I saw Ian - I mean, Mr. Tumnus- I would burst out in a fit of giggles. My favorite costume though I think has to be Steve, who came as Turkish delight. 

The White Witch and Green Witch 

Yes that is a whole pig that was cooked by the amazing David Jimenez, with the aid of the also amazing Nic Clinch. It was the best pig I've ever had.

I made this the week of the party - a half and hour here and there in the evenings after the girls went down... while I watched the Lady Gaga documentary and Portlandia. Can you tell the blue outline is painter’s tape? 

Here the kids are shouting, "For Narnia! For Aslan!" 

The whole group! Minus a few..
It was really magical when everyone was gathered together like this!

Looking back: Last year was Wonderland and the year before that, we went to Neverland!