Thursday, November 16, 2017


Before we leave November I need to post this collection of photos of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, also known as Alec and Logan, ages 2.  My friend Martha (Mr. Beaver's mom) made these beaver costumes out of thrifted sweaters and attached those leather tails for the most perfect costumes I've ever seen. I made them little ears, and with a little black paint on their nose, they were transformed. 

The cutest part about this was that both Logan and Alec were very excited about being Mr. and Mrs. Beaver together, and anytime I asked Logan what she was going to be for Narnia in the weeks leading up to the event, she would say, "Mrs. Beaver! And Alec is Mr. Beaver" And then she would also say that her stuffed cheetah, which she carries around everywhere, was also going to be a beaver (...which he was... I ended up making cheetah a tiny little beaver costume). 

These two were so adorable and it filled my heart with joy watching them plod around - I had to share!