Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Last weekend, we had a reunion of sorts. Jaina, one of my college roommates, came down from northern Virginia to visit with her husband and three kids, and another college friend, Jangeun, came up from Virginia Beach to meet us with her husband and two kids, and then our other friends Ray and Won (Ken and I went to college with Won too) who recently moved to Richmond came over with their three girls….and we had ourselves a full house!

We counted ourselves and there were 8 adults and 10 kids - we were official outnumbered. It's remarkable how we grew over the years; this year, we had the addition of three babies, and much bigger kids who romped and played together all weekend. It was cold, but the kids bundled up and played outdoors while we had the fire pit going, and we extended the play into the next day and afternoon.

This particular weekend was flanked by ladies night on Friday night at our place and Friendsgiving on Sunday night at my friend Leah's place, so it was very packed (I lost my voice somewhere in there and I also had to teach Sunday school!) but it was full of things I had been looking forward to and I really liked watching all our kids play with each other with reckless abandon. 

The whole gang! (except for baby Remy, who was taking a nap):

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