Tuesday, October 17, 2017


We had lots of visitors this past weekend and among some of those visitors included a happy, squishy, adorable baby named Remy. Sloane and Logan were excited about friends visiting, and Sloane asked if she could hold the baby, and of course Logan immediately also claimed that she wanted to hold the baby. “ He’a so cute!” She cooed, “He likes me!” she declared, without any real evidence to support that latter assessment. She climbed onto the couch to hold the baby, and it was comical how similar in size they were, with her continuing to coo and pet the baby as if she was an experienced old soul.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I am processing a lot of things right now and I’m taking my sweet time doing so. In addition to the new school year, I started a new job last week, which has both been really good and tiring. I also have been putting a lot of time into thinking about how to better prioritize our busy schedule, and also how to be better about getting a handle on our finances. Ken and I have been on the same page about a lot of this stuff, which is crucial and we are trying our best to not be overwhelmed. I’m trying to make space in my life so that I can be proactive rather than reactive, and part of that mean being really intentional about scheduling all of those things that are important into our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythm. 

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