Friday, October 13, 2017


I’ve been meaning to write down more words here for the past couple of weeks, but it’s been the kind of busy where I have to choose whether I want to wash the dishes or respond to emails in the spare half hour I have during the week, and the words I want to write are the kind of words that require time to tease out. So for now I will share another post filled with photos that I want to document and archive, this time from yet another trip to Carter Mountain for apple picking. We made it up twice this year!...Something I try to do every year, because apple picking is my favorite thing to do in the fall, but I haven’t ever been able to pull it off before. It ended up being a really humid day, but we addressed that by consuming cold apple cider slushees (along with apples and apple pie) and appreciating the breeze as we climbed the mountain. We have been eating the apples we picked all week; they are so good!