Friday, September 15, 2017


Happy Friday! Truly. Happy day.

We are going to take a trip to the beach this weekend, and hopefully fit in a day trip to the Outer Banks. I'm looking forward to showing Sloane and Logan where Ken and I got married, saying hello to the beach, and seeing the sand dunes.

Before we go, I'm going to share these photos of last weekend, when we got together at our friend's place for a low country boil. I love these types of gatherings around food and drink, and this night was special because we made it an adult-only event and got to hang out and have fun (uninterrupted!) conversations.

Some personal notes:
1. Always include garlic. When it is cooked and soft, you can smoosh it over a slab of butter and put it on top of everything and anything before inserting into mouth. Good move, Autumn, good move.
2. Whiskey sours is this meal's soul mate. So is Garrett's home brewed saison. 
3. Eating with your hands is a must. Licking your fingers is perfectly acceptable.