Friday, July 14, 2017


On the night before Logan's birthday, we had just gotten back from our Ohio trip, and after Logan went to bed, Sloane was busy running around wrapping presents for Logan. She picked out things from the playroom, put them in bags and baskets and covered them up with paper and tape. She arrange them in the playroom, and jumped around in anticipation for the morning.

As soon as Lola was up, Sloan assured her into the playroom where the presents were waiting, and we sang her happy birthday over a birthday cake toy that has candles and plays the happy birthday tune. The presents were all things that Lola had seen before since they were from our current collection of toys, but she loved opening the presents to discover what was inside and Sloane loved watching her do it.  It was so very sweet!

We spent the morning grocery shopping, unpacking and tidying the house. And then after Lola's afternoon nap, we all got into our swimsuits and went swimming! The pool can be a pain and a lot of work, (work that Ken takes on thank goodness) but when the days are hot and the kids are enthused, it makes it all worthwhile.

I love having two little girls, these two little ones especially!

The day before, we had stopped at Wegmans on our way home on our road trip, and picked up this raspberry mousse cake for her birthday celebrating. I liked how it was small and topped with fruit, I knew the girls would love it. Logan picked out this purple candle! 

Logan loves singing happy birthday, she saying it loud and herself.

This is Sloane telling her that she now has to blow out the candle.

This is Sloan telling her that she needs to make a wish as she blows out the candle, but that she has to just think about it and not say it out loud. It was a very serious talk.

She did it! I wonder what her wish was?

The cake was so good. Ken and I barely got a bite in;
the girls devoured it.

Lola was obsessed with the bubbles we blew at the wedding for the couple send-off, so for her birthday present I found a recipe for making giant bubbles and we went at it! It was so fun, both Sloane and Lola loved it, and it kept us all occupied for a long while.

I feel so lucky that Lola was born into our family and I get to be her mom. I miss her all the time when I am away and when I am with her I marvel at her strong will, her passion, her humor, her love of Sloane, and how she still has her baby chub but is starting to look like a little girl. We loved celebrating her two years!