Friday, July 7, 2017



We're still in Ohio! It feels nice and long, which is a good thing, and I'm even having time to get some reading in here and there, which feels like a dream. While we are away, I wanted to catch up on an old draft that I discovered on this blog that I hadn't posted. This one is from around Mother's Day weekend, May 14, so it's been about a full two months (!).  All these photos from my iPhone, gathered here for posterity, enjoyment, reflection.

We are always in the mood for bowls of yogurt topped with granola, fruit, mint and whatever else I find to throw on there. I've been meaning to up my smoothie game, but haven't had the chance. The past couple of months in terms of food has just been pure survival mode.

That one time (when Lola still had her cast!) when she insisted that she wear her boots and no pants.

A really happy-making photo of a group of us at the Capeheart's going away party. Not happy about the going away, but very happy about the group of these people that have grown together these many years.

I really love these ladies and I really miss Meghan already. 

And then I think it was a few days later, we all danced our little hearts out for Ashley's birthday party at Black Iris. Got sweaty, and felt good about it. 

This one was before we left for daycare and work: Sloane wanted to be responsible for a bag of diapers that she wanted to drop off for Lola. 

We are always so glad when my MIL is able to come visit us for the weekend to help us out or just to hang out together. We love having her with us. 

I will never get tired of seeing the girls playing, cuddling and loving on Rusty. 

Mother's Day! The husbands had this great idea to get together and cook a really delicious meal for the moms. The ladies kicked up their feet and got to have good conversations while the men cooked, brought us food and drinks, and managed the children.

Mignon brought and frosted a chocolate cake for the event; Lola was impressed. 

Here it is, torched! 

Ian made all the moms these beautiful bouquets. Awkwardly captured here, but captured nonetheless.

The littlest of the Mother's Day crowd.  It was a good day; it made me wish it was Mother's Day every weekend!

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