Wednesday, July 5, 2017


If you were wondering...we are away on vacation this week! Ken's cousin, Karen, is getting married this weekend in Columbus, OH, and we decided to make a long stay of it and call it vacation. We spent all day Tuesday driving over here, which was surprisingly easy (even Ken thought so!!) and spent the day today at the Columbus Zoo, which was really fun.

I'm still feeling the effects of my sickness from last week, believe it or not, but the worst seems to be over, and I'm just really loving this constant access I have to Ken and the girls without the distraction of to-do lists. Even just the distance away feels like a breather from regular life

I wanted to check in and share what we are up to right now and also share these photos from weeks ago when the girls and I went up to Silver Spring for the day to visit my sister. My other sister and her husband met us there that day, and even though the time was brief, it was a much needed time of catching up with my sisters.

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