Wednesday, May 3, 2017


What matters on a Saturday is waking up a little later than on the other days. Even if it's by a smudge. I'll even take 10 extra minutes. 

What matters on a Saturday is that we don't rush like crazy to get out the door to work and daycare and that my mind isn't distracted by all the things I need to do at work.

What matters on a Saturday is that it's the day of the South of the James Farmers Market ! And it's one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning. 

What also makes a Saturday special is a delicious breakfast. This past Saturday (and the one before that too) Mignon made us cinnamon scones, blueberry muffins, chicken sausage and duck egg omelettes. There were cinnamon chips in the scones! The duck eggs were from the farm! The chicken sausages were a hit with the girls! And those blueberry muffins were probably the best I've ever had. 

This particular visit to the market, we met up with friends, saw and petted so many dogs, sampled all sorts of goodies, and I came away with whipped local honey, strawberries, and treats for Rusty.

The girls also got popsicles from the King of Pops popsicle cart that is always there. They make some of the best popsicles in my opinion. I wasn't planning on getting Lola any, but she scored a free one and she couldn't have been happier about it (and then later devastated when she dropped her half eaten popsicle). 

Later that day, we went over to a friends house for a BBQ and it was such a sweet time with friends, good food, new babies, and toddlers running all around the yard (their perfectly green grass yard - Ken and I totally have yard envy)! It was a hot day so 

We are all so in love with little Sammie! 

Sweaty hair strands plastered to head. That's going to be a trademark of the upcoming summer.

Logan couldn't get enough of watching the big kids take turn swinging and jumping off the monkey bars.

Of course she had to it too! Even with her cast, she wanted to do it over and over again - climbing up and 'hanging' on the bar the best she could. 

She looks so tiny here. When I check in on her sleeping in her crib, I've been noticing how much more space she is taking up on the mattress because of how long she is getting, and my heart clenches a little - feeling both glad for her growth and also grieving for the loss of her babyhood.

Dinosaur cast, dinosaur shirt, ready to go! After this BBQ, we went to another friend's house for a 2 year old birthday party, so it was a very full and sweaty (so very hot!) day but it was so nice spending all day outdoors together with friends. We all slept well that night, blessed by the sun, riddled with a little bit of allergies (me! I don't know where it came from!), and giddy about more outdoor days to come.


  1. i cant believe Lola is almost 2! Where in the world do these days get off to?

  2. Amazing post/story. Loved: popsicles, sweaty heads, new babies, poem at the beginning, someone else making breakfast (and it looked to-die-for to boot), get-togethers, nice weather, logan's intensity, friends.