Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This little girl is crazy cute these days, but she is also the bane of my sleeping existence. She has the will of an ox, or whatever animal has strong willpower, and these days she has been waking up with night terrors (which I'm guessing based on how she wakes up yelling "no no noooooo") and then having the hardest time going back to sleep. I'm tired! We are all tired, except for Sloane, who can blissfully and thankfully sleep through it all.  

Anyways, what I mean to show you with that first photo is not my adorable and spunky 21 month old but the old wooden picnic table that she is so joyfully sitting on. I found two of these kid sized picnic tables on Craigslist (2 of them for $25) and when I brought them home, the girls were obsessed with them, especially Lola. She wanted to sit there everyday when we got home and specifically she wanted to sit there and eat an apple with her sister. The girl knows what she wants. I could have kept the tables as is, but I decided to spruce it up with white paint because I ultimately wanted them to live in the sunroom. Truth be told, the process was a little bit of a pain in the butt, but mostly because it is so hard to find time for extra projects these days. It had to be finished in bits and pieces, stolen moments here and there, and sometimes in the dark with an extra flashlight on.

The perk of having a four year old who wants to help: actual help!  She helped me get the primer on. 

These were the tables after they got a coat of primer and almost two coats of external paint (the top of the tables and benches got two coats, every where else just got one additional coat on top of the primer). After this photo, I moved them to the sunroom and sealed them with sealant.

And Ta-da! Here they live. We put them right up against each other so they make a long table for having friends sit around the table together. 

It was so worth it! We've already used it a ton for having dinner on the porch, crafts and Easter shenanigans, like in my previous post

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  1. Beautiful! Nice work on this project. I know how hard it is to squeeze in projects like this and I don't even work outside of the home, so all the high fives to you!