Friday, April 7, 2017


1.  I haven't really been eating or making baked goods lately but that might change soon because I saw this the other day, "Could This Recipe Be the Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever?" now I need to know. Could it??

2. Why baking can feel so good...especially when it's for other people.

3. Also from Bon Appetite, in the opposite direction but just as intriguing: Hand Salad.  I love romaine lettuce and the name gave me a good long giggle. I'm in.

4. One more food related thing. I love brunch with all my heart. I also think Joy is super duper. I can't wait to check out her new cookbook, Over Easy.

5. S-Town Podcast. Do it.

6. We are already a week into April, but go ahead and download this gorgeous desktop wallpaper why don't you.

7. Beautiful prints that you can download for $15!

8. Something about the decor here just speaks to me.

9. I'm really excited to try this cocktail recipe  starting with making my own blackberry liqueur. Stay tuned.

10. Are these spice clips about to change my life? I'm about to find out.

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