Friday, March 10, 2017


There is always one point during the week where the thought crosses my mind, with absolutely sincerity, that I may not make it through the week. But then again and again, I am proven wrong. Here I am! And happy to be here.

Some things I've been doing recently:

1. Trying to cut down on processed sugars. It's not a total cut, I'm just trying to be mindful of the extra treat I gravitate towards during the day without even thinking. I also tend to overeat fruit so I've been trying this thing that whenever I crave sugar, I first drink a glass of water and then have some protein or a cup of tea. So far it's been working.
2. The exception to the above is that I've started making more cocktails. Research for the summer, if you will.
3. I've been working on a project with Ken and it has us terribly busy but it is so fun working on something together like this. True, there may be more opportunities to get annoyed (ha), but we have been feeling really connected and enjoying this time with each other. 
4. Still reading through the Bible each night using the CBR journal. We attended a talk by Ted Sinn, the creator of the CBR Journal a few weeks ago and I got so much out of it. I'm thinking about writing out my thoughts on it in another post.
5. I am buzzing with excitement at the prospect of spring being around the corner. So much so that I stare at our spring to-do list everyday in anticipation, which include non-exciting things like: clearing yard of all leaves and debris, trimming hedges, fixing blinds in the sunroom, cleaning out sunroom, washing all the windows, etc. 

Last weekend, my sister, brother in law and my two cousins came down for a visit. It was especially exciting because we hadn't seen my cousins Joe and Lois in almost a year and we loved getting some time with them. We met up at the cafe in Virginia Museum of Fine Art and went to see the exhibit there called, 'A Commitment to Community: The Black Photographers Annual, Volume I".  I love the space in this museum and pledge to come here with the girls often, especially seeing how much both of them loved wandering its halls. 

As I've mentioned before, Sloane is really into warercolors right now and anyone that has visited in recent days ends up painting with her, to all of our delight.  After this last visit to the art museum, our way home, Sloane declared that we should make a museum at home, so all of these are getting ready to put up in our 'galleries'. 

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  1. those round and smooth rocks behind glass wall are a
    great idea