Friday, March 24, 2017


This might be one of the busiest seasons of spring I have had. I'm trying to decide if I am overwhelmed or supremely excited. Is it worrisome that I can't tell the difference? I don't think I'm necessarily over-scheduling, I'm too obsessed with my bullet journal and calendar for that, but I am stretching everything as much as it will go and stuffing things into crevices. Every minute matters. In that regard, I am never taking a minute for granted.

Something else that is happening, which has been fascinating to observe, is that my self-proclaimed introverted husband is no longer really introverted. Back in the day, I would plan things and he would pull me back if he thought there were too many things going on or just resist with a flat out no. But now, he is an avid socializer and planner as well, which means double the events and schemes. On top of that, Ken and I have been working on a project together (which I will share about very soon!), and that has been taking up all of the spare moments. Add to that the coming of spring which is terribly exciting for all of us, but slowly we have realized over the past few weeks that it is going to mean a whole lot of work – work that we are having trouble finding the time to do.

At first this post was going to be a list of our spring cleaning to-do list, but instead I decided to make a list of things to do to make sure that I stay excited about things and not get overwhelmed. So here they are:

1. Prioritize sleep. This affects everything.
2. Make a renewed effort to wake up before the girls. I was doing a good job with this for a while, but I lost it a few months back. I'm working on getting it back.

Let's start with these two simple things and see where it goes from here.


  1. Nice. Yeah I have totally lost traction on waking up before the kids. Not sure what my goals/intentions are now. I wish you the best with yours!

  2. the spring flowers are blooming, yay!!