Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I've been floating around with my head in the clouds these days, everything sort of hazy because of the weekday rushes, change in the pattern of light, and the gloomy descent back into freezing weather. It has given me a certain resolve - in spite of wanting to throw in the towel, bury myself in my bed, and hibernate until the warmer days - to keep plowing ahead. There is much anticipation, even just to tackle the spring cleaning to do list up on our board that I see in the kitchen every time I pass. We are waiting out the cold, doing our best to not get sick, and dreaming. 

We've been to Cava three times now in recent weeks. We don't go out to eat often, but when we do, Cava has been the eatery of choice. The girls have gotten so comfortable there that they now to run to this area to play whenever they are done.

Sloane the other day: "Oh Logan! Did you draw this? Did you draw a picture of a squished spider?" with the most enthusiasm and generosity in her voice as she regarded Logan's scribbles.

We made our own museum the other day by displaying some of her art on a wall. This was my "visit to the museum" where the artist explained each of her pieces. We now have several corners and walls of the house in museum mode.

We have slowly been incorporating more chores for Sloane to do around the house (she fills Rusty's food bowl and water bowl, lines her garbage can with a new garbage bag, and she LOVES washing the floors) and recently, she has gotten really good at folding her laundry and putting it away. We are working on her being able to fold both her and Logan's laundry to put away each week. This is exciting!

This past weekend we went to go watch the play, 'Beauty and the Beast' and all enjoyed it immensely! The morning of the play, Sloane drew this picture in anticipation.

This was the best photo I could manage of some of the kids after the play. Admittedly, it was a strange moment to snap a photo; they had just tumbled out of a magical world of talking candlesticks and dancing napkins and some of those characters were coming out to meet thr kids. There was a buzz of excitement and bewilderment; so maybe this photo is an accurate capture after all.

We put down brown paper for a shrimp broil we had for Ken's birthday dinner and Lola enthusiastically climbed on the table and lay in the middle of the table, as if to offer herself as the main course, very happily too. 

Lola giving her dad one of the bajillion kisses he requests from her throughout the day. 


  1. awww, i loved this! i feel you about winter/spring. i just bought myself a small bouquet at TJ's today because i really need a boost! i love sloane's comment to logan about her drawing, and LOVE her drawing of beauty and the beast!!! we are getting excited for the new movie too. but the idea of a play sounds amazing! i can't wait to take my kids to the theater...

  2. I have always loved Sloanes art work. the other day we were making a card for sloane and eden said 'im gonna use alot of colors and sloane will love it because she is an artist'