Sunday, January 8, 2017


We woke up to snow on Saturday morning! It's magic when it snows. The world outside the window is transformed, as if you were transported while you were sleeping to a new land where everything is covered in white. There is a hum in the air: what new thing will happen today? The potential of the day seems different. I recognize and appreciate this, especially with young kids whose amazement is utterly contagious, as long as I can cozy up indoors and watch the white world from the inside. I could (and would prefer to) live in a place with zero snow and find magic moments elsewhere, but here I am, and here I am soaking in this kind of magic.  Sloane was alight with excitement as soon as she saw the snow in the morning and immediately wanted to go outside, but I insisted on breakfast first and held her and Lola at bay with pancakes. We spent most of the morning indoors in our pajamas, eating countless amount of pancakes with turkey bacon, cleaning the house, and gazing outdoors.

I just can't get enough of those pigtails. They start off as little bun ears in the morning and then by evening they turn into these sprouts.

I've been using this recipe for pancakes these days (without the sugar) and it is a hit. 

Maybe due to having a short person complex, Lola loves standing on top of things. 

They spotted Ken outside

Surveying the snow covered land outside.

Then Sloane got a chair too, so they could look out the window together for a long while.

The best.

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