Thursday, January 19, 2017


1. How beautiful is this vintage-filled home? There are so many creative elements and visually fun surprises here.

2. The Year in Pictures 2016 from the NY Times and the best of 2016 from Pete Souza, White House photographer

3. I should maybe spend the rest of winter cooking all these casseroles.

4. This is not a link but a public service announcement  - did you know Spotify has audiobooks?! Under "Browse" go to "Genres & Moods" and find the "Word" section. I was positively filled with glee when I discovered this.

5. And this is more of a warning: don't make these Cacio e Pepe Chips , you won't be able to stop.

6. What makes you grow according to Mari Andrew

7.  I am definitely doing this whole roasted cauliflower.

8.  Oh geez, am I going to end up getting one of these? Nooooooooo...but yes?

9. I have been a huge fan of Brittany Jepson of The House That Lars Built for a while. I love paper, I love making things with paper, and she does the most amazing things with the medium. I'm always inspired when I see her projects. Here is her roundup of the 10 most popular posts of 2016 - all paper related! I can't wait to try making this DIY paper leaf garland.

10. Iris, the documentary about Iris Apfel is on Netflix right now. I found it very inspiring.


  1. Oof. That "how to grow" illustration. Love. Thanks for a lovely list!

  2. yes! get the instant pot. It is AMAZING. There are so many awesome recipes for it- got rid of our rice cooker & slow cooker afterwards--and nom nom paleo has good ideas to use it!