Monday, December 12, 2016


Speaking of gingerbread houses, I made one this past weekend too. A friend connected me with this really lovely and talented lady who hosts these gingerbread house decorating parties in her home, and I got to participate this year. She makes these houses from scratch and they looked so beautiful even before any of us got started. 

After just having built one with Sloane, having an afternoon to myself with friends where our only responsibility was to decorate our very own gingerbread house, felt luxurious. 

The house is a little wonky and there things I would have differently in hindsight but I love it so much. I think it looks cozy, like a house I would want to live in, and I also love it because it represents me having dedicated three hours to working with my hands and practicing creativity with no stakes or expectations (and eating a ton of candy while at work!). You know this if you've practiced something similar recently, it is a sort of therapy.

While I was making this, I was excited about bringing it home to show Sloane. I knew she would appreciate it immensely- she did!

I made that fence out of peppermint sticks specifically because they are Sloane's favorite right now. The fence conveniently started falling after I brought it home, so Sloan and I have been sneaking peppermint fences off of the gingerbread property to nibble on. 

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  1. yours turned out so well. i will be much more prepared next year