Friday, November 25, 2016


This Thanksgiving will officially be known as the one where Ken prepped and cooked the entire meal all by himself....and it was hot pot! He has made plenty of meals before from start to finish, with great success, but this one felt significant because: 1) usually we go down to Virginia Beach and my mother-in-law puts the whole thing together, so this was his first Thanksgiving taking on the tradition, 2) the meal required a couple days of preparation. There isn't actual cooking involved (because you cook the food in the hot broth at the table!) but there is a ton of washing, chopping, cutting, etc. 3) he kept calling the meal a "show" and I thought it was hilarious because he's mostly joking, but he's also kind of serious and it's just another example of how he goes all in. I love it. 4) I felt utterly relaxed hosting people over at our house. Our guests washed the dishes, so I was truly hands off!

There was also a ton of vegetables but there wasn't enough room on the table. 

We loved having these friends, old and new (and my sister!), around our table. 

Ken giving a hot pot tutorial.

Kid's table.

Helllooooo pretzel crusted salted caramel pie...! Courtesy of Mignon.

Dessert time! 

Craft time! We also made Trader Joe's gingerbread turkey. Sloane happily nibbled on the turkey's head throughout the day. 

This was early Thanksgiving morning, when we were sort of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, looking through animal sticker books, and making necklace and bracelets with beads. 

I love this picture mostly because of Rusty. 

Don't Eunice and I look like pilgrims?! Happy thanksgiving all! 

Past Thanksgivings: 

2015: in Fredericksburg, in Virginia Beach
2014: in Richmond, Sloane on the ukelele
2013: in Richmond, Friendsgiving
2012: Part 1, Part 2

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