Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It is officially fall and I am into it. After some rainy days, we've had some spectacular days of blue skies and perfectly crisp temperatures, and I love these kinds of days. I can't help but be excited about the shifting of wind and mood, even as I dread the cold.  The change in the world all around me is a marker of time, a reminder to look back and look forward, a reminder to just look. It seems appropriate to post the last of our Ocean Isle photos here as I greet fall; the weather changed from summer to fall that weekend, and the trip gently eased us into the next season.

We did a lot of fun things during out trip to Ocean Isle, so it seems pretty significant that Sloane said kayaking was at the top of her list. My heart soared watching her in the kayak, looking like a small adventurer. Last year, she hadn't wanted to get in a kayak when given the chance, but this year she couldn't wait to climb in. Most got a turn, and everyone - participants and audience alike - agreed it was wonderful. 

I miss this view! 

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