Sunday, October 23, 2016


1. I love everything about this house!! If this is "modern, midcentury and bohemian", that is likely the closest description to what I consider my inspirations these days.

2. Also home-related: the design and styling of this baby boy nursery blew my mind. It's so good.

3.  This is a pretty close to how we meal prep these days.

4. Also meal-prep related, I am ALL about the sheet pan.

5.  Okay one more, because newborn babies and meal trains should always go hand-in-hand, but also these are helpful meal ideas for yourself.

6. How rad are these metallic fringed sneakers?? They are for kids and definitely don't have them in my size, but I feel like my winter life would be all the better with these.

7. Adding all of these amazing places to my bucket list.

8. A fun site to browse through if you are fond of books.

Taking a big & shaky breath....I'm coming for you, Monday!


  1. at least one of amazing places, i wish we could go together.

  2. Love #1, #2 . I actually saw the #1 post a while back and thought of ure house !