Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The concept of creativity being valued and nurtured within community is so very exciting to me.

More so now than ever before because I've realized as much as I enjoy the creating, where I really shine might be in the gathering, the connecting, and the editing.

Creativity in community is exciting to me because:

First, it means that you have found a group of people who are like-minded and passionate about pursuing creativity and a creative life. (This is also why books and even podcasts are so valuable to me...they provide me the sense that I have even a bigger community of like-minded people).

Second, I have seen the immense benefits of working with like-minded people for accomplishing a project. The process of brainstorming to gather ideas, delegating tasks, and the accountability and encouragement to get it done, are all invaluable. It doesn't always work but once you experience the lightning strike, it's easy to want to come back to it again and again. Especially as a person who is an external processor, having people around to brainstorm with has been a big part of enjoying the process.

Thirdly, there is a relational aspect that is practiced here that I find valuable for the creative endeavor. For me, the newness of an idea is less important to me than the relatability of the idea. Getting someone to connect with your story is what makes it worthwhile to create something (which is not always the case for everyone! More on this next time!) so the fluid and complex nature of a relationship is endlessly fascinating and inspiring for me.

The two photos here are from when I took the girls to the Richmond Symphony a few weeks ago. We went to something called "Magic at the Symphony" where they had a "petting zoo" before the performance for the kids to 'pet' and play all the instruments, which Sloane loved (especially the trumpet!). Afterwards, the performance was a collaboration between the Richmond symphony orchestra and Lyn Dillies, female illusionist, and it was such an amazing show and concert.


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The Liturgist Podcast, a podcast that discusses topics through the lens of art, faith and science, which my friend Lisa told me about, has been particularly inspiring these days.

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  1. omg Richmond symphony is the best thing ever and what a great way to get kids interested in the performance!