Sunday, September 25, 2016



We just got back from a getaway to Ocean Isle, North Carolina, and you'll know I've said this if you follow my instagram: it all felt so dreamy. It feels a little painful to be back in reality and back here on a Monday, but vacations are great because it helps you appreciate both the break and then the return back home. I will be posting lots of photos from the trip later on this week, but for now I wanted knowledge that summer has officially ended and we are in the season of fall! I love fall, although it might not seem like it from all of my please-don't-end-summer rants, but that mostly has to do with the fact that I know after fall comes winter. I have plans to try to keep my spirits up, and one of those plans involve thoroughly enjoying this fall season. In the spirit of looking forwaed to things, I made a to-do list that I will share here.  It's going to be a packed one!

1. Ocean isle getaway with friends to close out the summer: I had put this down on my list a few weeks ago, and I'm gonna give it a big fat CHECK.

2. Open mic night: I mentioned this in the last post, and it is another one that I can check off the list. I have been wanting to do this all year, so I am glad that we got it done.

3. Participate in the Creative and Reading retreat with Hunt.Gather (happening next weekend)!: This is a creative retreat held by an at our church; this season's theme is a reading retreat.

4. Visit the state fair: we look forward to this every year and this year is no exception. We want to see the cows (me), ride the ponies (Sloane), and finally win the basketball shooting game (Ken) this year. 

5. Apple picking: hands down my favorite thing to do each fall.

6. Murder mystery dinner party: We are throwing a dear friend a murder mystery dinner party for her birthday. So very excited for this.

7. Wonderland party: Last year we threw a Neverland party for Halloween with great success. This year the theme is Alice in the wonderland!

8. Go see a play: We are going to go see The Music Man put on by in a couple of months. We are also going to try to go see as many of the family concerts available at the Richmond Symphony this season.

9. Make pies: One of my favorite pies to make during this time of year is the salted honey pie, so I'm definitely hoping to do that at least once. I'm also going to dip back into my "five pies to make during the winter" list.

10. Play a lot of piano!

Bonus: Finish painting the family room!! Painting this room had come to a screeching halt the beginning of the summer when we burned out from house projects and when we decided we would rather spend time outdoors, but it's time to finish this baby up and I'm hoping I can get that done the season.


  1. I absolutely love this list of things and how you guys have been building these traditions over the past years. I think you'll more than manage to get through the next two seasons!

  2. It is exciting to se your fall thingd to do. I imagine sloane would be playing for youth orchestra of Richmond symphony. :)