Thursday, September 22, 2016


Part two! Consider this a second part to my post about creativity (the first one here). This is me elaborating on the theory that the reason to keep in pursuit of creativity is that because being creative, a.k.a. trying to regard even the simple and small things as a creative practice, invigorates! And by invigorate I mean that it makes you feel like you are living out your life purpose. 

I've jotted down the ways that I practice this in my own life thees days and this is what I came up with (hefty and long!): 

1) One of the main ways I try to engage this way is in parenting. This makes up a major part of what I do and think about these days, and being mindful about it can be the difference between it draining me and it restoring me.  One of the ways it comes into play is in the traditional sense. Having a four-year-year-old means that when she colors or paints or draws, that I get to do it with her too. It becomes something that we can do together, and also something that I can do in a therapeutic sort of way.  I would never have thought to do this or given myself the time to do this if I didn't have a child who regularly engaged in this activity, but it does wonders to soothe and relax me. Another way that creativity is exercised as a parent is that you find yourself having these conversations with your child where you have to employ creative thinking to explain concepts that you've never had to explain before. Through these interactions, you get to see things in a new way, or at the least a refreshed way. It keeps me on my toes, and it often keeps me laughing.  

2) The second way for me right now is documenting my life in the form of lists, journaling, and photos. That feels creative to me.  Journaling and taking photos happen regularly because I've been committed to keeping this blog, and even though it's something I do mostly for myself and close friends and family, it feels very satisfying to have the discipline of taking photos, journaling, and then sharing. 

In regards to lists, I still love my bullet journal!

I am by nature somebody who doesn't thrive on structure and lists, but I really enjoy getting the most out of life without a lot of stress, and that priority colliding with motherhood has resulted in person who loves lists. I was wondering about this the other day whether I place too much emphasis on planning and organization, because I get such a thrill out of checking the boxes of my to do list and my bullet journal, and yes I still do that and love it with all my heart, but after some thought I realized it really isn't the actual achievement that makes me happy, it's knowing that doing these things will help my life run smoother, will alleviate stress in the future, and will ultimately allow me to enjoy my family and friends I'm free me up to do the things that I know invigorate me. Also, being structured in this way has actually helped my creative process tremendously, because it allows and forces me to schedule out time for me to exercise creativity. For example, I keep a list of books that I want to read and have read, I schedule in time for friends, I write down projects and activities I want to do with the girls, I plan out events with friends and write them down, I write down that I am going to go work out, and even schedule out blog posts and things that I want to write about and make sure that I do those things, and check them off my list.

3) The third way is by reading, and I'll include podcasts here too.

I feel like a creative being when I am reading! I think it's because it lets me maintain a posture of curiosity, which is so life affirming. 

Also, reading is a creative process because it compels my mind to create a world for which the book can exist and my mind loves this exercise. 

Podcasts often do this too - when I'm inspired by a story, idea or simply a good conversation I hear on a podcast - it often propels me into a brainstorming session for further ideas and projects. 

4) The fourth way that I try to do this these days is probably in the way that I prepare and plan our meals. I find great satisfaction in being officiant these days. Before I liked being able to try new recipes and get creative in that way but these days the puzzle to solve is how to maximize use with minimum cost. This requires a 'thinking outside the box' that feels like a creative process to me.

5) Lastly, I love creating spaces for people to be creative together. Creating a space for people can be comfortable, relaxed, have conversations, and share their art, brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

In the spirit, last weekend we had an open mic at our house. It was wonderful and marvelous and I have heart eyes about it when I think about it. I love seeing my friends share music and stories, and I felt so inspired afterwards. It is also wonderful to remember that I am in a community of people that love and pursue these things as well; it makes me feel less lonely. We are all people who are busy and consumed with the tedium of adult life, but moments like these remind me that we can encourage each other regardless and through the details and struggles of these lives. Up until the last couple of weeks before this evening, I wasn't sure what I was going to share either but having this event loom before me lit a fire under me to work on something. I hadn't written a song in a very long time and it was extremely difficult to try to get that part of my brain working again, but I was able to finish some semblance of a song that conveyed what I have been thinking about these days... then I shared it! And then listening to friends share stories and songs really inspired me.

I can go on and on about this topic, and I probably will with subsequent posts. Tell me the different ways that you have found invigorates you!

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