Friday, August 5, 2016


It will surprise no one that knows me even a little bit  that I love New York City. You guys, I really love New York. I love New York with two little kids, I love New York in the rain, I love New York in the sweaty heat - all of which happened this past weekend. I don't love New York as much when I am in an subway elevator, which should more accurately be called the pee box because it smells so aggressively of urine, with my babies, drowning in smothering heat while the elevator moves at an incredibly slow speed. But, I still love New York.

It was wonderful to visit with husband and kids, and it was worth it all to be able to cart them around everywhere and observe them take it all in. Sloane loved romping around the city and Logan took stroller naps and happily toddled about wherever we would let her.

I'm breaking up photos from the weekend into several posts because there are a lot of photos, so be on the look out for a lot of posts about the trip.

I found an Airbnb close to the wedding venue, and close to the places that my parents and sister were staying, in the West Village. The location was amazing - 5 min walk to Washington Square Park, the apartment was spacious and lovely, and the location was amazing. Did I say that already? Location is EVERYTHING. Especially with little kids. This building also had an elevator, which isn't always the case in the city, and I did a happy dance as we rode the elevator (with our giant stroller) to the fourth floor, instead of walking it up the stairs. Hey, the little things.

Sloane was so excited for the trip in the weeks and days leading up.  While Ken and I were packing, she decided to pack her own bag of things she considered essential.  I wasn't quite sure what she had put in there, but as soon as we got to the apartment, she went to work, unpacking and setting up everything on the nightstand next to our bed. Out of bag came: a framed photo of Rusty, our dog, a brush, chopsticks, owl night light, bunny ears, a book, a pen, a birthday invitation to a birthday party long past, and her favorite book, which is a journal that she draws pictures in. 

This whole entire trip felt justified in this moment of watching her unpack with great satisfaction. 

Sloane took this photo of the flowers in the apartment, at her request.

I have said this before and I'll probably say it a few more times: having my whole family, Ken and the girls, and also my parents, my sisters,  and cousins all together in the city of New York was like a dream come true. When we got into the city and settled into our Airbnb, we met up with my parents for lunch at a place down the street.  We then headed off to meet some friends that who also happen to be in the city. We picked up sushi burritos and poke bowls and ate our lunch in the park on a park bench -people watching, pigeon watching. Sloane pranced about and begged to be allowed into the fountain, which is probably gross, but I had already decided that I wasn't going to freak out about it and resolved to just give them a thorough bath later, so in she went. She was thrilled even when she slipped and got her entire lower body soaking wet. It was so warm that she tried off within 30 minutes of walking around.

Photo by my dad. The OG of documenting everything. I learned from the best!

Dominique Ansel's bakery was not too far away from the park so we walked there afterwards for dessert and I do not regret it one tiny bit. I had a hard time deciding in there but I ended up getting pink pig puff pastry for Sloane, which brought her immense joy, and this amazing grapefruit and thyme panna cotta, which brought me immense joy. 

We walked over to Soho to stroll the streets and visit Nike lab with our friends. It's funny because I used to come to SoHo so much B.C. ("before children"), but being there with the girls now, my mindset didn't feel all that different. It was still exciting and inspiring, and I was thrilled for them to meander through the city with me. 


  1. I love Sloane's skirt, I love the decision to let her go in the fountain, I ADORE that she brought along things that remind her of her own space. You have the sweetest thing going here

  2. Gah! I finally actually got myself subscribed, so slow of me especially considering I was the one bugging you about adding the subscribe widget! I think I inadvertently ignored the pop-up window that requires confirmation TWICE now. Sigh.

    Loved this post. My favorite part (totally jumped off the page) was reading about what Sloane packed, and more importantly, unpacked at your airbnb.

    Also, I need those rugs! Slash, for you to come here and help me decorate my place. :)

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