Friday, July 15, 2016


So here we are, my tiny little potato no longer a tiny baby, but a bigger, healthy, happy cherub who is one year old. It happened fast, like they all say - even faster with the second - and I am smitten with every single part of this stage.

I snapped these photos before Logan's birthday celebration on Saturday and I can't get over how cute they are together!! Sloane sang her a happy birthday song while kissing her cheek loudly after each 'happy birthday'.

Similar to the birthday celebration we had when Sloane turned one, we had family over for lunch, cake and presents. I loved having our family here! It was simple and sweet, and Logan seemed to fee extra loved - she was so happy all day.

I made Logan a mini watermelon cake with whipped cream in between the circular layers. (She loves watermelon!) it wasn't long before the layers started slipping and sliding off, but we managed to light the candle and all sing her happy birthday together before it eventually resulted in a landslide.

I rememeber when we sang Sloane happy birthday for the first time, she went very still and looked at us unblinkingly, taking it all in. Logan, on the other hand got really into it and was swaying to the music, not minding the attention at all. It's remarkable to keep noting the differences between the two girls.

Sloane helped her take care of the whipped cream.

She was THRILLED about her little watermelon cake, and marched around with the disc in hand, happily chomping away.

Sloane helped open all the presents - this stuffed lamb is one that Sloane picked out for her! 

I asked my friend Hannah (of Dalkohm) to make these watermelon cookies and I loved how they turned out (and how they tasted)! 

We had such a good time loving on our sweet babe and sharing the moment with each other. We love you so much Logan!

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