Wednesday, July 27, 2016


My mom brought over these beautiful traditional Korean dresses for the girls (called 'hanbok') and since my parents weren't able to be here for Logan's one year celebration we did one with them this past weekend with the girls wearing their hanboks. 

In Korea, the one year is called "dohl" and they do a big celebration; I think all of it must be so that they can put a tiny human into one of these hanboks because it is so stinkin cute. Logan toddled around in it, not minding it as much as I thought she would and seeming to know that it was a special dress.

During the dohl celebration, it is customary to lay out objects symbolizing various aspects of the child's possible future and then have them choose one, the chosen item being the thing representing what they will most likely do. We did this several times and Logan kept choosing the brush which was supposed to represent an artist! (The brush being my make up brush because I couldn't find a paint brush in time..ha)

Sloane also had her turn, and she picked the dollar! Which means she will be wealthy :) 


  1. ok i loooooove logan with the hat, i cant.

    and i love that she will be an artist like her mama

    and i love how excited ken is that sloanes gonna be rolling in the dough