Monday, July 11, 2016


This little sweet ball of sunshine turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday. She brings us all so much joy and I am overcome with gratitude reflecting on our lives with her this past year. 

I am going to share a ton of photos from Logan's birthday celebration this past weekend in another post, but here are some pictures we took the day after with her watermelon balloon, dress and toy that she opened the day before. 

These are the same green puffs I had for Sloane's one year birthday...and Sloane actually took this photo!

At one year, she is walking around like a champ, hurrying to keep up with Sloane and Rusty, navigating rough terrains, and getting faster and more savvy.

Speaking of Rusty, she is very interested in him and wants to hug and pat him as much as possible. She makes this cooing noise, which sounds sort of like a baby wolf, when she sees him. This sound also comes out around her favorite stuffed animals. It's the most adorable thing ever.

She blabbers on and points emphatically as if she is talking and gesturing, so passionately that she must really believe she is getting her point across. She is very good with her hellos and goodbyes, sounding out the "buh buh byes", waving in a arm pumping motion that comes out even around strangers.

She is so used to me asking her to raise her arms when I say, "hip hip hooray" for photos that sometimes her arms will automatically go up when she sees that I am about to take a photo. It cracks me up.

I love taking her with me everywhere I go. Slung around my hip, her arms clutching my arm, sitting in front of me in the grocery cart, toddling around - she is mobile, strong but still needs her mama.

We get to spend a few minutes at the end of each day, just me and her, before I put her to bed, looking at each other with her on my lap. We make funny faces, touch each other's faces, speak through all the sounds, sing songs, make each other laugh, and read through a book. It's such precious time with her that I cherish and look forward to all day.

And speaking of sleep, she is doing great sleeping all night and falling back asleep when she does wake up. She is still an early riser, but lately she's been sleeping later and she still always wakes up happy.

That face!! She is pure delight. 

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  1. you WOULD get a watermelon balloon, surprise surprise