Thursday, June 23, 2016


I have really high standards for what a dad should be like...because I have THE BEST DAD. Yep. In the world.  He is wonderful. So it is with great surprise that I find myself being impressed with this guy that I married who is turning into a pretty spectacular dad himself, year after year.  I like that I got to know him as a friend, and then as a boyfriend and husband, and then now as a father. The layers make the croissant more tasty!

I thought about this long and hard, and you know what makes Ken such a great dad? I came to the conclusion that he is a great dad because HE WANTS TO BE A DAD.  It's so simple, but if you know Ken, you know that if he wants something, he goes after it. Like really hard and all in. So since he wanted to be a dad, he does it 100% and I love having front row seats to it all.

This is Sloane working hard on drawing a photo of our family on brown paper, which we used as wrapping paper for Ken's father's day gift.  Hearing her describe why Ken's hair had to be spikey like that, as opposed to what she did to the girls' hairs is my little treasure of the week. 

This was us Sunday morning before we went out for donuts!! Ken wanted donuts for breakfast on Father's Day, and so donuts we went to get. 

I took some photos of them together right before we left. 

Sloane and I are both wearing rompers here and I think it is extremely important to note that Ken picked out both of them! 

These donuts from Papa In's donuts were REALLY good. I could use another Boston creme right about now...its soft and slightly chewy in the way you know you probably shouldn't eat too much, but you can't help it and it's gonna happen anyways...

Later that day, friends came through town and we grilled some food, ate butter on top of a bunch of it,  and washed it down with some rose. This is how I like to do my meals in the summer, on the porch. 

I should have recorded this phenomenon of these little babies going at the plate of watermelon I put down. They went at it and chomped into all of them before any of the adults got to have any.

This face! 

JUST ONE MORE. i can't help it. 

For dinner (I know, I know, so much food!) Ken wanted to make a seafood bake, which is one of my most favorite foods ever, so I was more than okay with that, PLUS Ken made it, and it was delicious.

I snapped about the whole cooking process on snapchat (yep!) and there was just as much dancing involved as cooking. 

Happy Father's Day Ken! we adore you.

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  1. it is good for you to take the front seat and enjoy it.