Monday, May 30, 2016


1. The Great Big Greenhouse: It's incredible soothing.

2. Carrying around an armful of roly poly 10-11 month baby. 

3. The Roosevelt; I can't get enough of their Souther Poutine. 

4. Family visiting, like Ken's cousin, Karen, from Ohio.

5. Pictures of the four of us together. 

6. This sweet smile she gives me when she catches me looking at her.

7.  Getting to watch the mind of a three year old develop and grow. 

8. Conversations in the car with this girl. 

9. Reuniting with old friends from far far away. 

10. House guests who love on our babies. 

11.  Watching Sloane entertain Logan with song and dance. 

12. Discovering a peony bush in our backyard.

13. Sloane's love of Rusty. That's a picture she drew of her and Rusty on top of a big mountain. 

14.  Friends who come over to hang out by the pool (and make all the hard work of maintaining a pool,worthwhile!) 

15. Swimsuits and fruit popsicles. 

...It's starting to feel like summer!! 


  1. heavenly! Whose art work is that behind the dining room table? I was just looking a similar photograph but it was a painting with people skiing- love it!