Tuesday, May 10, 2016


We had a sweet Mother's Day weekend over here. I got to start Saturday by going to the Farmer's market with my girls and it was deliciously crisp and green that morning; we got there early enough to avoid the crowds, we got everything we needed...and we visited with a baby goat! Afterwards, we met Ken's family in Williamsburg and had a lovely time with them. On Sunday, I spent time with the girls running errands while Ken worked on tiling and then we got in our swimsuits and ate pizza for dinner. It was perfect.

I mentioned this in my last post - that I would love to have an entire day of sleeping, but here's the thing...while the exhausted part of me demands that I throw the covers over my head and go back to sleep, the part of me that finds itself waking up is the part that can't wait to see my daughters so I can hang out with them. That is the push and pull of motherhood! I'm tired but I miss them when they are gone. The exhaustion, but also the bliss.

I am sleep deprived as I write this so none of this may be cohesive but this is my attempt to appreciate how motherhood stretches me. It challenges and humbles me everyday, while giving me stunning moments of clarity and gratitude. 

We were all losing our minds about how cute this goat was. "Oh mom, I wish I had a baby goat!" was Sloane's declarative sigh as we walked away.

Ken's pretty lucky to be surrounded by such awesome ladies. 

My girl group! We are so fun.

You can't even tell how tired I am in this picture ! Sunglasses, happy baby and hammock, are all good distractions. At this exact moment I was feeling content and full, despite the looming Monday. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing moms! 


  1. Love sloane's sunnies. Who makes them?

  2. @karlapford - they are from Lacey Lane!