Wednesday, May 18, 2016


At 10 months, she is constantly in exploration and discovery mode and I can almost hear her thought process as she feels a thing, waves it around, takes a nibble, bangs it on another thing, and examines it closely. She especially loves figuring out how to put something in and out of another thing, whether it's a cup, bowl, basket or box.  The other day I caught her using a spoon to scoop out pretend food out of a jar and eat it, with great satisfaction.  

We've had extremely busy weekends and so this past weekend, I was craving some slow time for sitting and observing this little nugget, and I got to do just that, with my eyes in the shape of hearts the whole time.

She is still waking up throughout the night, but maybe this is just her personality that she is a light sleeper and doesn't need as much sleep? I'm surprisingly more okay with it than you would think a sleep deprived person would be, because I get extra snuggles with her, but I've resolved that we have to re-train her with a consistent sleep routine (especially since I am going to be away for a weekend next month!) 

She loves hugging stuffed animals. It's with a delight that surprises me, she hugs it tight to her and will often pat it with happiness. The other day I handed her a piece of banana and she picked up a stuffed bear and tried to feed it to him. She loves sharing her food with us; it was just unbearably adorable to see her trying to share with the stuffed bear.

She also gives me the best hugs ever. It's strong and enthusiastic, and I'm always pining after one. Baby hugs are gold. 

Every single day, sometimes several times a day when I find myself in a moment of awe of this quickly growing babe, I give thanks for how healthy and strong she is. I don't take it for granted. Not one bit. 

Whenever we make eye contact, she smiles back at me all the way up to her eyes with joy bursting out of her ears and sometimes we just go back and forth like that, smiling at each other.

See this face? This is the how she looks at Ken...with sparkles in her eyes. And he can really make her giggle. Some of my favorite moments in life these days is when I hear Sloane and Logan making each other laugh in the backseat of the car. What a privilege it is to be a witness to all of this. 

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