Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The forecast for Monday called for thunderstorms, but it was also going to be in the mid-80s, bringing us back some of the warmth after a chilly weekend (every year! the whiplash of spring weather surprises me). 

It definitely was not pool weather, but by Monday afternoon it felt hot and humid and we felt giddy about the idea of vanquishing the Monday blues, so we declared pool time!...which was quickly defeated by a freezing cold pool and raindrops, but no matter. We got to tip our toes in the pool (and Sloane dipped in all the way!), eat dinner in our swimsuits on the sunroom and finish it all off with watermelon on the deck. It felt blissful. So there, Monday.

At one point I turned to Ken and said, "these are the days, Ken!" And it really did feel like we were living in our best days. Here in the midst of our house project chase and stress, busy schedules and worries, we get to take these breaths and bask in the simplicity and togetherness.

It has become ironic that Sloane has this frog floatie in the pool, because it turns it, we have real frogs (toads?) living all around the pool and there are a lot of them. They are aggressively loud, multiplying by the day and it's another thing on the long list of things that we have to address regarding the pool. We had real hesitations about having a pool in the backyard (this was almost a deal breaker for me) because of safety concerns and upkeep concerns and it's proving to be a lot of work, just like we had expected. I still feel a little wary about it and this frog situation is not helping, but we are trying to make it worth the trouble.

I love this sunroom (it was my favorite part of the house when we first looked at it) and I am really looking forward to eating out here all the time during the warmer months.


Summer babies, all three of us! 


  1. I'm still bummed we didn't make it! Looking forward to sting on your porch soon

  2. That last photo kills me. Oh man, summer is the best, and your adorable girls make it that much sweeter. Pools can be a lot of work, but they sure can make some of the best memories!

  3. Sloane is not afrais of gettimg in pool anymore! I am proud of her.