Friday, April 22, 2016


Last Saturday, Ken and I worked swiftly through the house, getting little things done here and there that needed to be checked off the list. Almost a month later after our move, we still hadn't quite settled in. The girls were unpacked and settled, but Ken and I were still living amongst boxes in our bedroom. The kitchen was still a mess and the family room covered in paint chips and trash from the tiling projects in the mudroom. But with the tiling project complete and the paint in the family room almost done, we tidied up, rearranged, put down rugs and unpacked more boxes... and suddenly, things seemed lighter. We could feel our bodies relaxing a bit; it felt more like home. 

My sister came to town last weekend and helped us finish up projects and watch the girls. I always miss my family terribly, but it was especially nice to see one of them during this time of chaos.

I woke up to this sight of these three playing together - I felt my heart warming and my roots moving further into the earth. 

Reunited and it feels so good. 

We went to go eat breakfast at my favorite place to go for pancakes: Moore's Cafe. The pancakes were good, but the light in there that morning was perfect. 

Is there such a thing as too many kisses? I may have reached that threshold. 

We stopped by Target together first thing in the morning before she had to leave, and it was unexpectedly a great way to be together. There was no one else there because it had just opened, and we four girls (me, my sister, Sloane and Logan) moved through the aisles, taking our time, talking. 

Our friend, Eugene, also came to visit and helped us around the house. Fair warning, if you come visit us, you're probably going to be doing some house projects. These two were so adorable together. 

We also got some visitors we rarely get to see - Ken's cousin's two daughters, who are so smart and fun and funny. Sloane had a blast playing with them. And Eugene had a blast being surrounded by girls. 

The weather this past weekend was perfect. We couldn't keep these smiles off our faces. 


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  1. You all look so happy and light! Glad you had good company and warmer weather with ample sunshine. Your girls are so cute it makes me want to hop on a plane and snuggle them right now!