Friday, April 29, 2016


Sloane! She is fantastic, magic. She can also have her moments of being a little too silly or overwhelmed by her emotions, but they are brief flashes, as she is establishing herself and testing boundaries, and she always ends up in my arms. 

The other week we were folding laundry together in the playroom, and we took a break to munch on apples. I watched her eating her apple and had a freeze frame moment. All of a sudden, she looked incredibly grown up. Her face, her expressions, her ability to fold laundry all by herself...all wondrous. I grabbed my camera and took some photos.

She is smart, intuitive, sensitive and has a gentle heart. She is cautious, but willing to try almost anything once she has had time to observe. She is kind, generous, and so funny. She loves music, musicals and will learn a song by listening to it over and over. She takes care of her sister as if she is much older than her three years, remembers conversations we've had weeks and months ago, and says "Thank you, mom" for things I do for her. I don't even mind the longer commute these days because I get to have long and elaborate conversations with her.

We had been listening to Disney songs starting a few months ago. Ken got really excited one day about the prospect of watching The Lion King with her and although we agreed to wait just a bit longer before letting her watch it (also, that scene where Mufasa dies!) Ken was inspired to create a playlist with all of his favorite Disney songs.

One day, she sang out, out of nowhere, "You won't get a sniff without me!"

She hasn't seen Little Mermaid yet, either, but she has heard a few of the songs and knows the story from what we have told her about it. One day, I heard her making up songs to herself in the backseat, and realized they were about the Little Mermaid.

"Under the sea, under the sea. I wish I had legs, next to a tree.." Sloane belted this out with all of her might. And then said, "Mom, this is Ariel's song."

Which was followed by another Ariel song: "I miss my papa...flounder is a fish and he can't walk, but Sebastian can walk."

And then Flounder's song, "From under the sky, Ariel is a mermaid and she misses her papa."

We've also been listening to the Broadway version of Peter Pan a lot and overhearing her sing those songs to herself in her room is the best thing ever. 

After I took a few photos, she asked if she could take a couple of photos with the big camera. Here are her two captures below; we both thought they were pretty good!

I love this girl so much and I feel lucky every single day that I get to be her mom.


  1. oh i love her and i love the way you love your girls individually. makes me so excited to meet my second!

  2. I love how she smiles with her eyes!!

  3. what a heartful post- i am so in love with your love for your daughters<3