Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I feel euphoric about having a 9 month old. That euphoria overrides the exhaustion; this little lady is strong willed, hungry, and a light sleeper, which means I'm back to dream feeding and then sometimes nursing a couple more times throughout the night. I'm just going with it though, since Sloane sleeps through it all and I seem to be able to function during the day... at least for now. Besides, I can't help but be grateful for any extra bit of cuddling time I get with her.  I'm looking forward to not pumping anymore, but I'm going to miss nursing. 

These days, she claps, she waves, she babbles, she explores, she insists she wants more, she rocks her body to music, she gets up in the middle of the floor without any help and then balances there looking up at us with pride, she laughs with Sloane, she loves holding and eating raw fruit on her own, and she is recently a huge fan of zucchini. She has this way of looking right at me and then smiling this utterly charming smile that has me completely smitten.

Whenever I see her, I can feel my body shifting in anticipation - my arms tingle, my rib cage rises and the spot in the middle of my chest gets wobbly. She fills up my arms, all baby pudge and softness, and I can feel myself grinning with the joy of being near this wriggling, curious baby. When it's bed time, and I'm swaying her to a song, she nestles her head into my neck and I have a hard time thinking of a better feeling. 

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  1. oh this post makes me miss baby eden AND long for baby etta. so well put