Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Easter! I'm sorry to say it came and went with very little fanfare, which is sad because it is one of my favorite holidays but I have very little brain available these days if it doesn't concern house stuff, work stuff, or just minimum survival. I realized the other day I've abandoned my face care regiment and there is a lapse in my exercise regiment of going to Crossfit - all being sacrificed in the name of getting more work done around the house and doing a few more Craigslist searches, such is my reality! 

We did the important thing on Easter though - going to church to reflect on the incredible gift it is to be able to celebrate a risen Savior - and we did it in proper flouncy dresses, I'm happy to report. Sloane and I spotted these on a trip to Target a few weeks prior, and we both got very excited about her and Logan having matching dresses. I loved this not only because it was adorable but because it reminded me of me and my sisters when we used to wear matching dresses for church, and how fun that was - yes we actually liked it!

After church we went over to our friends to have a leisurely indoor picnic, which I highly recommend- it was easy, relaxing and so much fun.

Okay and one more of the girls at church. Sloane was delighted to be able to hold Logan like this! 

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  1. it was a very lovely picnic. i can't wait to have some OUTSIDE