Thursday, February 11, 2016


Around six and seven months is when it starts getting extra fun with a baby. There is a little less anxiety that something terrible might be happening if you glance away and there is a sense that they want to start learning what it means to fend for themselves. They are sturdy and strong enough that they can hook their chubby little arms around your shoulder and hang on, and gurgle back at you as if to make conversation, and flap and kick with joy when they see you, as if they're job is to make you feel like the luckiest person on earth. It is so gratifying to feel their love for you on their face. 

  It's also when food is a thing. Food has been a success all around, with green beans being the biggest hit so far. Sometimes I've had to mix green beans into her fruit in order to get her to finish it.   When we eat our food, she watches us with razor sharp attention - from the food on the plate to our mouths - and sometimes even licks her lips. She is definitely interested in food.

And sleeping. That's a major thing. I mentioned in the last update that we were sleep training, and that went well, well enough that this past week we moved Logan into Sloane's room. Some nights have gone well, some nights, not as well, so we are still figuring things out. Each night is a compelling drama of, will both of them sleep the whole night, uninterrupted? I'm going to keep at it, trying different things and celebrating the good nights. Safe to say, it takes up a lot of my brain in the evenings. 

I absolutely love it that she laughs when I laugh and her laugh is the sound of pure joy with whipped cream and cherries on top. She appears to love people and I joke that she's not a great napper during the day because she has FOMO - fear of missing out. 

I am so proud of how strong she is getting - she is still quite chunky with meaty butt and thighs - and she is now using all of that to get around the best she can. She rolls back and forth like a pro and scoots backwards all across a room. She hasn't mastered the frontwards scooting yet but I've caught her practicing by getting into crawl stance. She also tries incessantly to try to stand up while she's in her bath, and when she manages to do so, she turns to look at me with the biggest smile as if to say, "did you see what I just did there?"

I said this about Sloane too, and I think as a parent you are required to think your baby is smart, but you guys, Logan is so smart! I feel so lucky to be able to see all of these developments happen before my eyes again and I'm enjoying it all tremendously. 

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  1. every time you do one of these, I think of how it was just a second ago that you did the same thing for Sloane. HOW have our lives gone so quickly???