Friday, February 19, 2016


I'm thrilled that it's Friday! Every night this week I've been zapped as soon as the girls are down. But we did get a little bit of that sunshine earlier this week (anything but that frigid cold of last weekend), it's been staying light longer in the day (have you noticed??) and I got to work out (my super sore arms are the proof), so I'm happy both for the week's good things and for it coming to an end.

And! An update on operation Two Girls Share a Room: it's going well!! There were several times where I thought about rebooting, but it's been day three now of both girls doing a great job of falling asleep on their own, and Sloane apparently can sleep through Logan's crying, so I'm feeling pretty good about it all right now.

The photo above is Sloane when she was about a year (I think?) and I've had it on my desktop for a while, and then the other day I realized that Logan is closer to the age that Sloane is in this picture than Sloane is right now and that just put me in a tailspin.

In house news, we have started packing so there are boxes everywhere and there is a pocket of my mind preoccupied by how things are going to be boxed up and in what order. My way of not becoming stressed about it is by making lists (so many lists!) and trying to do a little each day. I'll update more on house things as time passes and we get more information and assurances. But for now it looks like March is going to be a very busy month.

Also, I'm thick in the middle of Donna Tartt's Goldfinch and it is so good, I'm enjoying it so much. Plus, I'm going through it via audiobook and the guy who is reading it is great, which can really make or break a book experience I've found. 

Lastly, it's my mom's birthday today; happy birthday mom!! The older I get, I realize that I'm just trying to become more like you everyday.


  1. ok so i saw that picture and i thought 'wait that is Sloane, and i have her dress in my closet, so this can't be a current photo'

  2. haha @laura I had a similar moment but it took me longer to realize that it wasn't logan. I was starting intensely at her face being like how did logan become Sloane's twin all of sudden?
    hooray for room sharing! they're gonna love it more and more the older they get :)