Friday, January 15, 2016


While we were dating, Ken and I visited art museums together and through that I was led to believe that Ken really enjoyed going to the museum, and I like to think that it probably contributed to my assessment that Ken would be a good one to marry. Come to find out after marriage, Ken in fact does not enjoy museums as much as I thought. He likes to clarify that he actually loves museums, but that he is the least enthused about art museums, but to his credit he is usually a good sport about it, especially "since it's something to do", as he put it so romantically the other day. 

That day was a day back at the end of December when the day was so spectacularly warm and beautiful, and I felt absolutely like all the cells in my body were begging to be basked in the sun or inspired in some way. I remembered that the VMFA has a great outdoor space, as well as exhibits that I wanted to check out, so we headed over there with both of the girls. 

Let me explain, part of the reason why I like an art museum has nothing to do with the actual art there. Of course that is the main thing, but I also love it for the way it creates hallowed space to hold and display that art. I love the large scale that museums allow art to be, and the reverant way it is exhibited and framed, and how it allows you, asks of you, to stand there to behold it. I believe in art being everywhere, usually prefer it, but when a city has an art museum, you know that it values art enough to designate a physical space. 

As I walk into a museum like VMFA, I instantly feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. There is a hush, a calm, a quieting of all other distractions so that your soul can properly be inspired. You can't help by feel the ghosts of artists past, their passion, and I hear the whisper of, "this is important" rushing through all of the rooms. I feel inspired not just towards art, but towards all of my creative faculties. And then when you bring a kid, you also start feeling tingly with the prospect of showing her these amazing pieces and talking about them with her. I know Ken felt those tingles too.

It was kind of amazing beholding Sloane beholding these large scale pieces.

She said this one was her favorite... Because of how there was a dog and a child riding a small horse in it. 

This was an amazing painting (look at that dress!) but I was equally impressed with the frame. Wow.

Ken said this one was his favorite - I think it was a photo of a highway toll at night.

Side note: Sloane and I ran inside to use the bathroom at one point  and while we were walking past the mirrors in there, I had a flashback to a moment when I walked by those very same mirrors, not with Sloane skipping along next to me, but inside my belly.  I actually have a post about it here, when I describe walking around the VMFA very very pregnant.... how wild!

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  1. Thank you for museum tour. I feel like i was there.