Monday, January 11, 2016


This little girl has been a big chubby ball of joy and sleeplessness this past month! She had been doing pretty well with sleeping at night up until this past month, when it was like a switch flipped, and she was doing things like waking up every hour. There probably was a variety of reasons: it started with a cold, she had recently learned to flip over and I would find her trying to do that in her bed, it was the holidays? I don't know, whatever it was, it meant for a really tired mom...

Last week (after a failed first attempt due to holiday events and guests coming through), we hunkered down and attempted sleep training. It went better and better each day, until by the weekend I was getting a big chunk of sleep and she was consistently able to fall back asleep by herself. And then last night happened, wherein she did not want to go back to sleep after 3:30 AM and then passed out at 6 AM? Something like that. Ah well, it's all part of the adventure. Here's to more 'training' this week! For both baby and mama. 

She may be a light sleeper and antsy at night, but during the day, she is chill and relaxed, happy as can be. She smiles easily, loves to be around people, and is agreeable to all sorts of changes and settings. It makes it really easy to completely forget a hard night when those cheeks shine up at you with the happiest of dispositions.

So far she has eaten rice cereal, apples, bananas, pears, avocado, sweet potato, carrots and green beans. I love watching her take food from the spoon like a little baby bird and work it around in her mouth. And like with Sloane, I am excited to introduce her to all the flavors and textures out there.

She has gotten stronger (her grip is surprisingly hard to get out of), likes to sit up, is trying to scoot around and the other day in the bath, she tried with all of her might to stand up in order to reach a baby rubber duck. She has so much lower mass that her attempts were hilarious to witness. She loves baths and it is such a contrast to Sloane, who would rarely crack a smile when she was a baby in the bath. 

Logan has gotten much more relational over the past month, smiling at sloane, wanting to play and engage with her older sister, trying to dance along to our spontaneous dance parties, and blowing raspberries with all her might. It's so exciting!

Also, I like that when I sing to her she looks at me like I am the world's best singer. Same with when I'm dancing around. It is a pretty great ego boost.

This stance right here captures her personality pretty well, I think.

I also snapped photos of these two playing this weekend- I have so many things to say about this! But more on that later, for now, I want to share this moment where Sloane was feeding Logan pretend food and Logan was really into it, probably because she thought she was getting real food. Sloane in turn was enthused that Logan was playing along.

No, but really, where's the food? 

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  1. i feel like i was reading the 6 month post on Sloane half a second ago