Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I was in a bit of a funk this last week and what helped wash that funk off was sitting down at Sloane's table and coloring with her. No rules, no reasons, no worrying about what other people would think, just free coloring and murmuring to each other things like, 'May I use that color after you' and 'oh that color is beautiful'. A half hour of this and I found myself much more relaxed.

That was on a Thursday evening and we went to bed that night wondering if it was really going to snow as much as they were telling us to expect. Sloane has been excited for snow all winter, so she asked about building a snowman several times before she settled in for the night.

And here we are, on a Friday morning, waiting for snow. It started coming down around 10 am, and it was beautiful. It looked like a snow globe!

Once it started, we knew it would pile up quick and we decided we needed to get our bellies full of hot soup and noodles before we holed up for the weekend. It felt perilous to be on the road when it was snowing so hard, and I wanted to turn back several times (I absolutely detest driving in the snow), but Ken was our trusty captain and he navigated us to a bowl of pho and back.

While it was still snowing we let Sloane play outside and Ken came up with the brilliant idea of using a laundry basket as a sled. It was the perfect size for her!

This here is Sloane coming back into the garage - where I had hunkered down to watch the snow with Logan - to regroup: we had to replace her frozen hat.

Logan seemed fascinated with the snow; I was fascinated by how cute and chunky she is.

Saturday morning looked like this. I made them wear their hats because it felt so cold when we came downstairs.

I got to spend a lot of time staring at these little baby toes.

As the snow piled up higher and higher, it felt incredibly cozy to be indoors. I don't much like the snow but I really enjoyed being snowed in.

And we made a blueberry cake! more on this later.

 Sunday morning it had finally stopped snowing and I plunked Sloane down into the snow on our deck to see how high the snow had piled up, like a good mother should.

Since building a snow man was high on her agenda, we went to work. Unfortunately for all of us, I don't have proper snow gear and the snow was so powdery that it was hard to get a ball going.  We ended up with the smallest snow person I have ever seen.

This man shoveled our whole driveway out to the road! Standing ovation, hugs and gratitude for this man. 

And this is how Sloane showed her gratitude. Don't worry, Ken got her back. 

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  1. i love how you captured these moments-the snow is so beautiful and so is your family!