Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Is there anything better than watching a kid discovering a clemintine and a tin of soft peppermints in their shoes? Nothing.

Well, maybe watching them gobble down ginger cookies while listening to a story about the real St. Nicholas...

or opening a wrapped book pulled out of a Santa bag....

or prancing around in their pajamas with friends...

or seeing them in rapt attention at the reading of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Needless to say, there was much greatness to behold during this gathering of tiny St. Nicholas Day celebrators. We pajama'ed, learned about St. Nicholas, consumed cookies, drank cocoa (glass bottled Cokes, wine and spirits for the adults), exchanged books that the kids brought to share, and discovered treats in their shoes.

Sloane and I have been having lots of conversations about the meaning of Christmas because I'm keen to instill in her the idea that Christmas is for giving - like the real St. Nicholas and like the ultimate Giver - rather than receiving presents.  And she gets it, she really gets it. We've been picking out things of hers to give away and she does it happily, and also gleefully because she loves being able to help wrap the presents. I even suggested that she pick out a stuffed animal of hers to give to Logan as a Christmas present and she offered up Marie. Her beloved Marie, the cat! When I asked her why she would give up her favorite animal, she said simply, "Because  Logan likes it." My momma heart swelled with pride and humility - am I so willing to give away the possessions that I hold most dear?

Let this season be about making more opportunities to demonstrate a joyful and giving heart - for those who are in need, for our family who love us in our daily best and worst, and for our friends who are the net that catch us when we are tumbling down and help buoy us back up  in celebration.


  1. this was SO much fun and it just felt so good to have all the babes in their jammies, in wonder.