Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Something about the holidays makes me want to take a big bite of butter, followed by a thick slab of bread, and then maybe a pie to round it out. This is totally normal, right? Since we want to plump up to keep warm for winter?

I love baking with Sloane - it gets messy, there is extra prep required, and there is some managing to do - but it's totally worth it to see that concentration and sense of accomplishment on her face. Plus, she's totally getting good at it. I'll have an expert helper in the kitchen in no time.

Earlier in the week I told her that we were going to make small pies with her friend Eden on Friday and she was so excited and looked forward to it all week. These two got through dinner the best they could until we released them to go at it with their rolling pins. Eden is a little ball of energy and joy whose growth and development and charm amazes me each time I see her, and I loved seeing the two bake and play together.

Also, on this night, I tried two new to me drinks: winter wassail from Trader Joe's and Bowman Brothers bourbon.  Both delicious! and warming to the bones.

She's all, " I got it, don't you worry."  There's a lot of "I got it," with toddlers. 

We cut out little circles of dough to put in muffin pans, filled it up with apples tossed in lemon, sugar and flour, and then topped it with a crumble that turned into more of a paste.  We let the girls spread it on top and covered it up with another piece of dough to cover the pies.

They were so into it. 

They were also really into eating the apples. 

After the little pies came out, I was like, "hey! look over here and I'll snap a photo of the finished product!" and then...plop.  It's okay, we brushed it off and ate it anyways.

Logan got caught under the mistletoe! 

Logan didn't get to make any pies but she got to hang out with Robert. 

We ended the night with a couple of books in a cozy heap next to a Christmas tree, with pie and wassail in our bellies: maybe the best way to be!


  1. i was going to write this up, but why would i when you did it perfectly! thanks!

  2. and that attitude pic of Eden, I just LOVE it

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