Sunday, December 20, 2015


Around here, the countdown to Christmas is not a countdown to just the day itself. It is a count to keep track of how many days of celebrating we have left. In that way, Christmas marks the end of advent, the end of waiting, the end of celebrating. And by that count, we only have 6 days of Christmas left! 6 days of recounting the Christmas story, to make our gingerbread house, to finish our cards and present wrapping, to add to our tree, to go look at the Christmas lights, and to listen to Christmas music all day long.

My favorite thing to listen to right now is Prepare Him Room by Sovereign Grace Music. SO good.

Sloane keeps hoping for now, and although each year I hope it doesn't snow at all, she is looking forward to it so much that and is convinced that it will snow on Christmas day, that I can't help wishing for it too. It doesn't look like we are going to get anything close to snow though, 70 degrees on Christmas day...!?

We had our own kind of snow all over the carpet and coffee table last week because we made our gingerbread cookies there. Sloane had made a bunch of Christmas cards for friends and family and we decided to make some cookies to go with them. My sister Eunice was in town that day, so she joined in on the fun, and we had Bill Murray's A Very Murray Christmas Special on Netflix going on in the background.

We also had Ken in the background here. He just came back from performing in his first weightlifting competition (video here! if you want to see) and he is reviewing the footage.

Ta-da! I love edible ornaments. 

We used this recipe and I really liked how flavorful and spicy they were. Also, our cookies last year

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