Friday, November 13, 2015


I am enjoying Sloane so much these days. Especially as she gets older, I love that anything I think up to do, I can take her along with me!

 Here are some of the things that I'm enjoying in particular:

1. She is a wonderful older sister.

I'm constantly impressed by how loving and kind she is to Logan.  Logan can't do much right now, but Sloane tries to play with her, make her laugh and is constantly giving her kisses. She readily volunteers to put Logan's pacifier in, get her blanket, and comfort her. She tells me that she will share all her toys with Logan when Logan is ready to play with them.

2.  She loves stories.

The thing that she says the most consistently these days is, "Tell me a story!" She loves being read to and wants us to tell her a story at all hours of the day.  If we need to snap her out of a bad mood, a story will do it.

We visited the new library at Libbie Mill and it's funny how excited we both were about it.

3. She loves doing her school work and working on her letters and numbers.

Krystal, our daycare provider, is wonderful at working on letters and numbers with her, and she remarks at how much Sloane loves working on it.  At home, she will often say, "Mom, I need to work on my letters," and will sit in front of her pad, writing the alphabet over and over again.  This here is when she wanted to write down all the characters from Peter Pan. (She wrote the names on the left and then wrote her name with extra letters on the right with a purple crayon).

4. She loves to draw.

When she gets into it, she can draw for hours. It feels like a privilege to have front row seats to such creativity. She comes up with funny designs and I like listening to her explanations of things.  One day out of nowhere, she started drawing these people. She will draw a photo of our family over and over again, and she also recently has been drawing scenes from the Peter Pan story: Captain Hook and Peter Pan fighting on the pirate ship, Wendy, John and Michael flying, etc.

5. She is a wonderful conversationalist.

How amazing is it that i can sit around and have interesting and funny conversations with someone that came out of my body and is now her own little person? We can have conversations where I can actually get to know her better.

Lately, when I tell her something that she knows, she says, "I know, mom" just like teenager might.

Sometimes i ask her to say certain words just because i want to hear how she says it. Like the word helicopter; out of Sloane's mouth, it is: helitopter.

Also, i can't believe how adorable her voice is.

6. She enjoys a good twirl.

I remember I used to love twirling in dresses with my sisters when I was younger, so it's fun to see how gleeful Sloane gets when she can twirl in a dresses. I like to take pictures of it so i can show Sloane how cool it looks. 

7. She has so much joy.

The other day she saw a flock of geese flying overhead. She gasped, clasped her hands together and yelped for joy. I saw her small body fill up with pure wonder.

She loves making "jokes" and remarking on things she finds silly. We are listening to a lot of Winne the Pooh these days and she finds much of it hilarious.

Her thing right now is to say something silly and say, "I'm just kidding!" or "I'm just joking mom" and laughing heartily.

Even doing the most ordinary of things is great fun with her around. 

8.  She takes care of her animals.

All of her animals have names, and she takes turns taking good care of them: taking them along on car rides, putting them down for a nap, telling them stories,  reassuring them, etc.

9. She has a great imagination.

She often has imaginary animals, specifically kittens, running around the house that she takes care of. She also has an imaginary friend named Dora, and the stories here get elaborate.

The picture above is when she dragged around these two carts full of blocks, saying that they were her dogs. She took them to the park, fed them food, and reassured them when they were scared.

10. She is always up for an adventure...

and she loves to cuddle at the end of the day.

I am the luckiest!


  1. I love Logan's hand touchng Sloane's body Inthe first photo and the second one showing Sloan's back when she looks up the picture books.

  2. Warms my heart to hear about sloanes loves and likes-these are the best stories!