Friday, November 20, 2015


I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

But I've been hearing Christmas songs on the radio, and I'm happy about it! I'm going to attribute 100% of the excitement to the fact that Sloane is excited about winter and snow and Christmas, and I had so much fun doing holiday things with her last year. (The photo above is when we decorated her little tree last year.)

I've started making a list of things I want to do as a family as soon as Thanksgiving is over, so that we can celebrate all December, instead of just on Christmas Day. This is my little version of the advent calendar activities:

1. Write and draw Christmas cards for friends and family
2. Make gingerbread cookies and decorate
3. Sing Christmas carols and hymns together
4. Get a Christmas tree and decorate it
5. Make and decorate gingerbread house
6. Read Christmas books
7. Read the story of Jesus' birth in the bible
8. Go pick out a present with Sloane for Logan and Ken
9. Have Sloane pick out some of her toys  to give away
10. Have a children's book exchange party with friends

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