Wednesday, November 25, 2015


We had such a good weekend. We were exhausted by the end of it, but it was the best kind of tired because we were nourished. I jotted down scenes from this past weekend - it's how I'm practicing gratitude these days. 

Friday evening: I put Logan on a sheepskin rug while tidying up the kitchen, and Sloane - as she does whenever she has the chance - hurried over to Logan to coo over her. In a few minutes, Logan was gurgling and laughing at Sloane's antics and Sloane, thoroughly encouraged, kept at it in hopes of a few more laughs.

As we'd been doing every Saturday morning for the past few weeks, we bundled ourselves up and left the house for Sloane's gymnastics class, all of us. The weekends feel like a novelty in this way; we like being able to travel to things together as a family.

So even grocery shopping feels like an event to be treasured because we get to do it together. I also like this because I get to wear Logan in the ergo. I love having her close; it's a multi-tasking mother's dream.

We got to attend a play organized by the theatre company, Characterworks, and it was amazing. The play was Mary Poppins and I liked it even before it started because there were so many kids in the audience, and because we were there with some of my favorite people and their kids. When it did start, I was struck by how professional it looked and sounded - were they lip syncing? I wondered. It turns out they were a bunch of really talented kids with a great support system. All of us - Logan included - enjoyed it immensely. It had Ken singing "Step in Time" enthusiastically on Monday morning as he came downstairs.

The day tuckered Sloane out and she fell asleep in the car. She willingly went straight to bed when we got home, even though it was hours before her bedtime, and I put Logan down soon after. With Ken out of the house playing volleyball, I had a couple of hours to myself - which I used for meal prepping and watching a couple of episodes of Mindy. It was all especially enjoyable because our kitchen was so clean.

Sunday morning, Sloane was up extremely early. I didn't mind because I love being able to do a slow morning with her. The morning light is the best light.

At church, we met a man who said he would spoil us rotten if we moved to his neighborhood, and exchanged a few words, hugs, and tears with a friend who is going through something devastating. I've been thinking about it since and the ache for them stays with me.

For lunch, we met up with old friends and a gaggle of kids - "8 adults....and 7 kids." is what I told the woman when I was making the reservations. As I watched Sloane gleefully play with another child who I had held days after he was born, I felt the overwhelming sensation of being laden with blessings, far beyond what I deserved or expected.

There was a gift fair that my friend put together in her home and I went with Logan while Ken and Sloane spent the afternoon at a bookstore ("I want Sloane to have a table just for lego-building!" is the text I received from him). The fair was wonderful - it was a great idea and I scored a couple of lovely things. Plus, I got spend some time talking with friends and strangers and also tasted raw milk for the first time (delicious!) I felt pride and admiration for my friend who is a force to be reckoned with.

We had Sunday dinner - like we usually try to do - with a family that we have great affection and respect for. They encourage us in the way they live their lives, serve others and raise their boys. I feel happy when I see our kids playing together and I love the way we check in with each other as a family.

I ended the weekend finishing up meal prep for the week, kissing and cuddling both girls goodnight, and falling sleep next to my best friend.

I am stuffed to the brink.

I am looking forward to the thanksgiving weekend because of the people we will see (and the food we will eat!) but also because I get to do it all alongside my family.  These two make life so much fun. 

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